Birth name: Eugenio Maria Guiseppe Giovanni Pacelli. *** Papacy: began on March 2, 1939 and ended on October 9, 1958. *** Born on March 2, 1876 in Rome, Italy. *** Died on October 9, 1958 at the age of 82 at Castel Gandolfo, Italy.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Sung Mass in the Extraordinary Rite

will be offered for the INTENTION of the


Saturday, September 6th at 1 PM

The Mass will be followed by a display of

Personal Relics (Relic, zucchetto and pontifical slippers)
of Pope Pius XII and a lecture on his life and papacy
by Sister Margherita Marchione.

The event will take place at

The Church of the Holy Innocents
128 West 37th Street
New York, NY
FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact 718 512 8577